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If you are a fan of lotteries, you’ll know that Illinois became the first US state to offer online lottery games. They offer Powerball and Mega Millions and accept Bitcoin transactions. These websites offer many ways to play, including SMS, email, direct deposit, and in-person. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the top options. Here are some things to consider before you begin playing.

Illinois became the first US state to offer online lotteries

Among its new offerings are multiple scratch games. One game is based on the television game show “Deal or No Deal.” Another has ties to local sports teams such as the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Blues. In September 1996, six U.S. lotteries launched Mega Millions and The Big Game. WGN-TV announced that the drawings would be held in the city’s studios, but the Georgia Lottery changed to The Big Game before the game’s first drawing.

In 2012, Illinois lawmakers passed a law allowing lottery ticket purchases online. The money generated from the Illinois lottery will help fund public schools and infrastructure projects. Illinois Lottery players will receive a notification by email when they’ve won the lottery. Those who won more than $600 in Illinois will receive an automatic deposit of the winnings. If they don’t, they can claim their prizes by writing to the lottery company and following instructions.

It offers Powerball and Mega Millions

If you are looking for an online lottery website that offers Powerball and Mega Millions, this is the place to go. This site offers Powerball and Mega Millions draws twice a week. If you are looking for a daily drawing, the Pick 3 and Pick 4 are drawn every day at 9:59 pm ET. Both lottery games are available in 45 states. To play, you can register on the website and enter your information.

Mega Millions was first introduced in New York State in 2002. Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday, and the jackpot is regularly in the $150 million to $220 million range. The jackpot for Mega Millions is based on sales nationwide, and players choose five main numbers from one to seventy, as well as a Mega Ball number between one and twenty-five. Players also have the option of selecting a Megaplier, which costs $1, and increases the jackpot prize for non-jackpot winners.

It accepts Bitcoin transactions

If you are looking for a platform to accept Bitcoin transactions, then bitcoinpay might be the right choice for you. The company lets you charge and receive payments in either USD or EUR currency. It provides SPOT exchange rates, and you’ll never have to worry about any commission fees. The only drawback to bitcoinpay is that it doesn’t provide payment confirmations. Those looking for a centralized Bitcoin payment processor should keep reading.

It accepts email, SMS, direct deposit, or in person

It may seem like the easiest option is to use an online payment service, but this isn’t always the best option. There are many different types of payment solutions to choose from, and you may not need all of them. You should consider your business’ needs, as well as your customers’ preferences. If you plan to accept payments through SMS, you may want to consider the following options. Here are four of the most popular methods.